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The Beta II's Lycoming 0-360 engine provides nearly 13% more power at altitude, allowing the Beta II to maintain rated take-off power up to 7,500 feet, increasing its hover IGE ceiling to over 9,000 feet. With the reserve power and the new throttle governor, the Beta II has turbine-like RPM control and performance ... while maintaining unequaled reliability, low operating cost, fast cruise speed and a sensible price ... features that have made the R22 the world's best-selling helicopter for nearly a decade. In addition to the larger engine, the Beta II also offers a number of additional new features and product improvements, including carb heat assist, a high-capacity oil cooler, a more comfortable cyclic grip, and a governor-off warning light. Like past R22s, the Beta II will have an unmatched reputation for dependability and for simple, minimal servicing requirements. Government statistics for the past ten years clearly show the R22 has a much lower accident rate due to engine or mechanical failure than other light helicopters.

Weights Performance Gross Weight 1,370 Lb Maximum Airspeed (VNE) 118 MPH (102 kts) Empty Weight Equipped (w/full oil) 855 Lb Cruise Airspeed @ 70% Power 110 MPH (96 kts) Fuel (19.2 gallons) 115 Lb Max Range (No Reserve) Over 200 Miles Optional Aux Fuel (10.5 gallons) 63 Lb Max Range (w/Aux Fuel) Over 300 Miles Pilot, Passenger and Baggage 400 Lb Average Fuel Consumption 8 to 10 GPH Rate-of-Climb at Sea Level Over 1,000 FPM

Powerplant Rate-of-Climb at 10,000 Feet Over 600 FPM Lycoming 0-360 Four Cylinder, Air Cooled Maximum Operating Altitude 14,000 Feet Derated to 131 horsepower at 2652 RPM Hover Ceiling IGE @ 1370 GW 9,400 Feet.

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  • Representation of Manufacturers of Aircraft and various Aircraft Material

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