Comprehensive Aircraft Services

By the top Company in Greece

Aeroservices S.A has a Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO), certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), according to (Commission Regulation (EC) 2042/2003, Annex I, Part M, Subpart G). This Organization has been certified and offers the full spectrum of CAMO services, supporting a big variety of aircraft (airplanes and helicopters), and can cover the needs of private owners of aircraft, businessmen and leasing companies.

These services include:


  • Continuing Airworthiness Management of aircraft (in service or in storage)
  • Issue and Renewal of Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARCs)
  • Airworthiness Review Certificate Recommendations for Civil Aviation Authorities
  • Development – Review of Aircraft maintenance programs
  • Airworthiness Directive (AD) and Service bulletin (SB) review and implementation-embodiment management
  • Non- Mandatory Modifications review and embodiment management
  • Aircraft maintenance planning
  • Production-Management of maintenance work programs
  • Aircraft Technical records management

Aeroservices S.A. CAMO, as an approved organization, has been certified to offer services for the following aircraft types:

Category “A2 Airplanes 5700 kg and below”

  • CESSNA/REIMS – CESSNA 150/F150, 152/F152, 172/F172 Series, 401/402 and 421.
  • PIPER PA-28, PA-31, PA-32, PA-34, PA-38 and PA-46 Series
  • SOCATA TB Series
  • DIAMOND DA40, DA40D and DA42 Series

Category “A3 Helicopters”

  • EUROCOPTER EC 120B, EC 130B4
  • EUROCOPTER EC 135, BO 105, AS 332, AS 355, AS 365 Series and ΜΒΒ-BK 117 C1
  • ROBINSON R22 / R44
  • SCHWEIZER 269 / 300


  • Aircraft Maintenance

    One of the most important aspects of the activity of AEROSERVICES S.A. is that of the technical monitoring and maintenance of aircraft.

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  • Representation of Manufacturers of Aircraft and various Aircraft Material

    Aeroservices, as the official representative of many Manufacturers of Aircraft and Aircraft Material, can cover the whole spectrum of needs of its customers, while offering top quality, safety and warranties for all its products.

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  • Aircraft & Spare Parts Distribution

    Aeroservices S.A being an official Distributor of manufacturers for both aircrafts and aeronautical products is able to satisfy a diversity of customer needs ensuring at the same time quality, safety and warranty

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    Activities – Pilot School

    Our School, the first to acquire a permit to train private pilots, immediately adapted to the new European Legislation JAR-FCL 2.

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