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Turbine Speed - Piston Price

The R44 is a fast, high-performance four place helicopter designed to meet the rigorous demands of today's competitive market. The R44 incorporates the same rugged reliability, easy maintenance and low operating costs found in Robinson's two-seat R22, but with higher performance, expanded comfort, and handling characteristics similar to larger helicopters. The R44's design was optimized for speed, reliability and low maintenance. Its clean, aerodynamic design allows a high cruise speed of 130 mph and an average fuel consumption of 12 to 15 gallons-per-hour. The cabin configuration offers comfortable "two-plus-two" seating with removable dual controls. The unobstructed cabin area has no bulkhead or post between the front and rear seats, assuring exceptional visibility for all passengers, The R44's modern design and excellent performance make it an ideal choice for a variety of private, business, and utility applications including personal and business transport, air taxi, sight-seeing, photography, radio and television news reporting, construction site support, and law enforcement.


Gross Weight

2400 lb

Empty Weight Equipped (incl oil & avionics)

1424 lb

Standard Fuel (30.6 gal)

184 lb

Auxiliary Fuel (18.3 gal)

110 lb

Passengers and Baggage w/standard fuel

792 lb



Cruise speed

130mph (113 Kt)

Maximum Range (no reserve)

approx 400 miles

Hover Ceiling IGE @ 2400 lb

6.400 feet

Hover Ceiling IGE @ 2200 lb

5.100 feet


over 1000 FPM

Maximum Operating Attidute

14.000 feet

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  • gen10


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