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The goal of the Private Pilot License Training Program is to train the candidate to
act as a pilot in command of a single engine, piston or turbine Helicopter under
Visual Flight Rules for recreational purposes (not Commercial). Moreover, it offers fundamental Aviation Knowledge for every aviation activity.

The PPL Course can also be credited towards the Commercial Pilot License
for Helicopters or can be part of any of our EASA Modular professional training


Men and women over 17 years old, with no previous flight experience can participate
in the training program.


The duration of this course depends on the trainee's availability and personal
progress. A valid estimation would be between 3 to 6 months.


The general requirements to commence your Aviation Training are, the
appropriate class 2 Medical Certificate and a sufficient knowledge and understanding
of the English Language. Upon request, AEROSERVICES can offer referrals
for approved Medical Examiners in your area.


All of our Training Material is presented in English and most of the Theoretical
Lectures are held in English Language with simultaneous Hellenic Language
translation and explanation.


Flight training takes place at Megara General Aviation Airport, located 35 km from
downtown Athens, where AEROSERVICES' fleet of 4 helicopters (1 Robinson R-22, 1
Robinson R-44, 1 HU-269 Schweitzer, and 1 single engine turbine Airbus EC-120B)
are stationed . Flight training consists of approximately 30 hrs dual Instruction with a Licensed Flight Instructor and approximately 15 hrs solo flying. Flight hours are calculated in Engine On/Engine Off increments of 5 minutes.


There are two options concerning the Theoretical Training:

The Residential Theory Option

Most of the Residential Theoretical Training takes place in AEROSERVICES Training Center, at Megara Airport. It includes 10 Learning Modules or Lessons and amounts up to 100 hrs of Theoretical Knowledge Instruction. Upon completion of the Theoretical Training you will be able to take your exams at the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority.

The Computer Based Training (CBT) Theory Option

The student will be given instructions, assistance and guidance on how to use the
Electronic, Computer based Training Material in order to cover the PPL Theoretical
Knowledge through Self-Study. Once the candidate completes the Self-Study Phase,
an intensive Course of at least 40hrs will take place at AEROSERVICES' Training

Regardless of the option chosen, upon completion of the Theoretical Training phase
the student will be able to begin the Theoretical Examination process at the
Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority.


Upon successful completion of the Program, the successful candidate will be the holder

An EASA Private Pilot License [PPL (H)] valid and recognized throughout the Member
States of the European Union and through credit and validation to most ICAO
compliant countries.


All necessary Training Material will be provided for the candidate including:
o Helicopter Flight Manual
o TPS-1 Flight Computer
o Logbook
o Kneeboard
o VFR Charts
o BRISTOL PPL (H) hard copy-Books training package (optional)
o BRISTOL PPL (H) computer based CD-ROM
o Pilot's Flight Bag

We look forward to welcome you as one of AEROSERVICES Flight Academy pilots!


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